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Butterfly Cat Eye Sunglasses For Women 9805 | SQUARO Optical Wholesale


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Introducing Alluring Elegance: Embrace the Beauty of Cat Eye Sunglasses

Unveil the timeless allure of Butterfly Cat Eye Sunglasses (Model 9805), a captivating masterpiece that complements every woman’s unique style. Also, meticulously crafted, these sunglasses exude class and sophistication, making them a must-have accessory.

Unparalleled Glamour:

  • In addition, indulge in the mesmerizing design of our Sunglasses, inspired by the graceful flight of butterflies. With their upswept corners and elegantly curved silhouette, your eyes will radiate a sense of confidence and charm.

Unmatched Quality:

  • Above all, at SQUARO Optical Wholesale, we take pride in delivering the finest craftsmanship. Our Sunglasses are meticulously fashioned with premium materials, ensuring durability and unparalleled comfort. Shield your eyes with the highest quality lenses, providing excellent UV protection and enhancing your visual experience.

Versatile Chic:

  • Elevate your fashion game without any effort with these versatile Sunglasses. Whether you’re strolling along sandy shores or attending a glitzy soirée, these shades seamlessly elevate any look, adding a touch of glamour to your collection.

Trending & Timeless:

  • Firstly, stay ahead of the fashion curve with SQUARO Optical Wholesale’s Butterfly Cat Eye Sunglasses. Secondly, embrace contemporary chic blended with timeless elegance, epitomizing your impeccable taste in eyewear. Fashion fades, but these statement shades stand the test of time.

Wholesale Prices, Retail Brilliance:

  • At SQUARO Optical Wholesale, we bring you unmatched brilliance at wholesale prices. These Cat Eye Sunglasses offer retail-quality style without breaking the bank. Retailers, boutique owners, and event organizers will delight in the unbeatable value for their customers.

Unlock Your Fashion Frontier:

  • Enter a world of daring elegance with our Butterfly Cat Eye Sunglasses (Model 9805). Also, Reflect your unique style and let these sunglasses be the canvas of your self-expression. And above all, Embrace sophistication and allure – your wardrobe will thank you.

Indulge in Radiant Expression:

  • Don’t wait to experience the epitome of style and grace. Also, explore our exclusive collection of Sunglasses (Model 9805) and discover the pair that mirrors your personality. In addition, embrace the trendsetter within, capturing attention and admiration with every step.

(This product description was hand made with passion by our team at SQUARO Optical Wholesale to enhance your shopping experience.)


Weight29.2 g

Dozen Prepack(12 pcs)


Black, Brown, Pink, Transparent




UV 400






Butterfly, Cat Eye


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